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Head of Content | Remote

About Archive. 

Archive is a technology company that builds digital community marketing infrastructure and automation for e-commerce merchants. Businesses of every size—from new startups to household brands—use our software to harness the content and creativity from their communities and make their digital marketing more cost-effective. 

We currently have two products. 

1. Archive App is the only Shopify App that automatically detects & saves Instagram posts, stories, and reels your brand gets tagged in. 

2. Archive Communities is a service that builds & scales nano-influencer communities for consumer brands. 

Archive is building a world-class team led by successful serial-entrepreneurs with Stanford computer science backgrounds. Archive has raised over $10M from Tiger Global, Stripe, Human Capital, Battery Ventures, Lux Capital, Anti Fund and over 50+ founders & executives at companies like Attentive, Brex, and Ramp.

Candidate Must...

  1. Be looking for remote full-time employment:

    • ​Targeting countries with Native English speakers in overlapping timezones USA, Canada, UK 

  2. Exceptional editor 

    • Able to edit content to match company tone and fix any grammar issues. Fluent English 

  3. Strong writing ability 

    • Skilled in coming up with the right words to promote a story or message

  4. Created and executed strategy 

    • Define, outline, and execute a repeatable campaign 

  5. Able to tie activities to business results 

    • Weekly tracking of high impact metrics 

  6. Experience building and recruiting 

    • At least 1 year experience building and recruiting 

    • Have managed at least 2 writers (FTE or Freelance) and a content agency to produce and deliver blog posts, Website content, and other content assets. 

    • Can write SOPs to organize upcoming campaigns along with an editorial calendar. 

  7. Experience managing a team 

    • Able to scale a B2B content engine from creation & post-production to distribution. 

  8. Soft skills 

    • Exceptional reading & able to synthesize learnings quickly

    • Native English proficiency

    • Excellent communication skills 

    • Self-aware & receptive to feedback, 

    • Strong ownership mentality and investment in company success

  9. Culture - grit, curiosity, self-awareness 

    • Asks great questions 

    • Demonstrates curiosity about the role, team, and company. 

    • Goals are set and followed through. 

    • Passionate about their craft.

Ideal Candidate Has...

  1. A Media / journalistic background so they'll be comfortable working with other former journalists and how they operate. 

  2. Subject matter expertise. Understands marketing for eCommerce brands. 

  3. Experience using tools like Wordpress, Airtable, Google Analytics, and Notion. 

  4. Assisted in helping distribute and promote content.

Candidate Responsibilities will Include:

  1. Guide and edit the work created by both internal teams and external writers. 2. Manage and build content campaigns from creation to distribution. 3. Conceptualize and execute new content ideas that drive audience engagement. 

  2. Work with specialist agencies to assign new projects that align with our campaign strategy. 

  3. Provide support to help guide content for all areas including landing pages, ad copy, and PR. 

  4. Collaborate and interview customers for new case studies.  

  5. Use data to understand and report on which content has high engagement within our target audience. 

  6. Ability to curate high-engagement concepts in a weekly format for repeatability.


Compensation will be competitive for an exceptional candidate.


If interested and qualified for this role, please reach out to