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Head of Growth Marketing | San Francisco or Remote

About Archive. 

Archive is a digital asset library built for today's digital marketer on the modern e-commerce stack (e.g. Stripe, Shopify, Attentive, etc.). They've expanded into the cornerstone e-commerce demand generation platform that automates the collection, labeling, generation, optimization, and distribution of media creative into advertising assets.


Founded by experienced e-commerce operators and digital marketers and backed by Stripe, Lux Capital, Anti Fund, the founders of Attentive, Ramp, and 30 top e-commerce founders & operators - Archive is on a mission to help every e-commerce company, from mom & pops to Fortune 50's, grow more efficiently.

The Opportunity. 

Archive is building a world-class Growth Marketing team and as the first hire, the Head of Growth Marketing will be in the heart of it all. In this role, you'll have the opportunity to define and own strategy, development, and execution across growth programs. To begin, we imagine that this role starts by laying out the foundation — internal hires, contractors, or agencies — to drive leads (that convert to MQLs) across organic and paid channels along with building top-of-funnel email nurture campaigns.

What You'll Do.

  • Ideate, build and launch marketing campaigns or tactics alongside rigorous instrumentation

  • Manage and build organic content channels, maintaining a focus on content marketing / SEO and building, evaluating, and managing the team/partners.

  • Manage and build paid acquisition channels, with a strong emphasis on building, evaluating, and managing the team/partners.

  • Take ownership of the execution and continuous improvement of automated and outbound email campaigns

  • Leverage constant test-and-learn approach to gain channel and ad level learnings to improve overall efficiency

  • Oversee end-to-end cross-channel Growth Experiments design, build, and release

  • Constantly be on the lookout for a first-mover advantage on any tactic or growth hack

What You Need. 

  • Minimum 5 years of experience as a SaaS Growth Marketer or Demand Generation Marketer

  • Proven track record of building channels from scratch. There are typically 1-3 channels that really work for a company. We need someone who built that channel and scaled it to its limit

  • Growth mindset: Revenue is your north star metric, you're focusing on driving new experiments and optimizing current ones to maintain fast growth

  • Tech-savvy: You're experienced with technical projects. You know how to use APIs, workflows, automation, webhooks, and scrapping. You don't need to wait for the technical marketer to help you. You're able to QA your experiments to fix issues and improve performances

  • Data-driven: You're able to build growth projects, analyze their results - by leveraging analytics tools (Amplitude, Google Analytics, etc.) or writing SQL queries

Nice to Have. 

  • You're an expert in the Shopify ecosystem


Compensation will be competitive for an exceptional candidate.


If interested and qualified for this role, please reach out to