In the light of the growing protests and mobilization around Black Lives Matter movement, we’ve seen many of the tech companies and startups in our network make a statement in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. 


And yet, POC have been consistently underrepresented across the tech industry and startup industry. Change can’t start without representation and we need voices of color across all levels, departments, and teams to propel this movement forward. We challenge tech companies and startups to put their hiring practices where their mouths are: it’s (long been) time to diversify our workplaces. 


Are you a Black or LatinX job applicant currently looking for a role in tech or startup world? You can submit your talent profile using the form below and we'll circulate your profile to companies that are currently hiring. 


Are you a CEO, founder, hiring manager, or recruiter who is hiring? Reach out to us at and we’ll connect you with amazing Black and Latinx candidates. 


For more on what we are doing to support this cause, see below/here <insert link?>


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