Bring Ruckus Expert Advisors

Vetted Industry Experts

The Bring Ruckus Expert Advisors (BREA) program pairs our vetted network of growth experts and leaders with companies looking for advisors, consultants and agencies with impressive track records.


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Adam Daigian

Adam Daigian is a proven growth leader across the B2B space from small business up to enterprise. He’s focused on scaling high performing organizations like Hustle and Honeybook and now helps drive GTM strategy as an Entrepreneur in Residence.

Akshay Rathod

Akshay Rathod is the founder of USONIA, a digital growth strategy firm which helps startups and direct to consumer brands. He’s built up extensive experience consulting across the D2C and startup space including working with AngelList, myLola and Goop.

Alba Mertira

Alba Mertira is the co-founder and CMO of Peak as well as an all star growth executive who has led programs at Keeps, Thirty Madison and Ampush. A leader across marketing in the healthcare and e-commerce spaces.

Alex McArthur

Alex McArthur was the CMO of Purple Innovation and has done extensive consulting and advisor work across the startup marketing world. A leading expert on digital, search and e-commerce and a frequent speaker at marketing conferences.

Alex Realmuto

Alex Realmuto has founded a number of innovative d2c companies ranging from socks to beverages and more. He’s led growth and acquisition in a number of key roles and is a great all round expert on the consumer startup world.

Andrew Fried

Andrew Fried is the CMO of Allswell Home as well as a digital and omni-channel expert who has guided marketing from both the agency and in-house side. He’s helped guide the marketing strategies of companies ranging from tiny startups to multi-billion dollar retailers.

Brant Cebulla

Brant Cebulla is a co-founder of Scalera and previously built out Vivino’s CRM program from the ground up. He is an expert on retention at scale and how to leverage CRM to drive revenue for growing startups.

Diane Chour

Diane Chour led global growth marketing for Airbnb and is taking her 16 years of performance marketing experience into the consulting realm for companies that are looking to scale. Strong expertise on global team management.

Fabian Seelbach

Fabian Seelbach is the CMO of Curology and has helped to manage and scale teams across both startup and corporate environments. An expert on team management at the local and global level.

Gaurav Agarwal

Gaurav Agarwal is the SVP of Growth at Molekule and has played an enormous role growing teams and marketing strategies as they scale up. He is an active mentor with an interdisciplinary background that brings unique insights to the challenges of growth.

Grace Ouma-Cabezas

Grace Ouma-Cabezas is a leading consultant with deep experience across digital marketing and growth from her work with Food52, Glamsquad and Birchbox. She works closely with early stage startups in the d2c and e-commerce space.

Greg Fitzgerald

Greg Fitzgerald has managed over half a billion in total performance marketing spend and built up tremendous experience across customer acquisition. He partners with early and mid stage startups to build out their growth marketing strategies.

Haidi Kelly

Haidi Kelly is the current VP of Growth at Poppin and has led growth and marketing at companies ranging from IAC to WeWork and ValuePenguin. She is experienced across both the inhouse and agency side giving her a broad and diverse perspective.

James McNiece

James McNiece leads New Products for Dropbox and previously directed business strategy for Squarespace. He has tremendous experience in SaaS driving both revenue and overall enterprise growth. An expert in the subscription space.

Jared Pyle

Jared Pyle is a marketing and growth advisor who has worked closely with a diverse array of D2C companies including myLola, Zappos, Harry’s Labs and USONIA. He is a data focused professional who brings his technical and mathematical expertise to leverage growth. 

Jason Klinghoffer

Jason Klinghoffer is the SVP of Direct to Consumer for Cinch Home Services and previously led the development of Chewy’s growth marketing team. He has a strong record of scaling and growing businesses as well as a diverse range of expertise across finance, marketing and analytics.

Jeff Magida

Jeff Magida is a consultant across growth and acquisition marketing who has worked with a diverse array of d2c and ecommerce companies. He’s worked with Flamingo, Dormify and Human Improvement as well as held long term roles with myLola and Harry’s.

Kamal Taylor

Kamal Taylor has led performance marketing for Yelp, RetailMeNot and Stripe. He is currently bringing his 10+ years of metrics driven marketing experience to a variety of growth oriented startups as an independent consultant. 

Kristin Proctor

Kristin Proctor is a growth marketing consultant focused on early stage consumer and SMB businesses. She works closely with founders around scalable growth and has helped a diverse range of companies including Two Chairs, Madison Reed, Stessa, Allbirds and Merit.

Maria Hwang

Maria Hwang was the first performance marketer hired at Airbnb and has overseen the global growth team’s rise from one to a team of 30+ marketers around the world. An authority on scaling both marketing and organizations.

Mark Chou

Mark Chou is the founder of Bradhurst Ventures and oversaw the international growth and expansion of Away. He combines global experience with expertise around scaling. Currently he is working to offer advisory services to a range of growing startups.

Paul Ghio

Paul Ghio leads product at HomeAdvisor and has previously overseen growth and product for Creative Market and Autodesk. He brings an analytical focus to scaling companies and teams when he’s not scaling actual mountains in his free time.

Ryan Mapes

Ryan Mapes has over 15 years of experience leading growth strategy and execution. He’s led growth and product across companies ranging from to Blackbird and StyleSeat, giving him the experience of scaling in diverse industries.

Scott Hanford

Scott Hanford is a growth consultant and mentor who led growth and digital marketing at Ampush, Canvas and InVision. He’s taken his experience and put it to work advising companies on go-to-market strategy, product-led growth, digital marketing and demand generation.

Scott Turner

Scott Turner has built up extensive experience leading across e-commerce, retail, strategy and business development. He is currently the Chief Customer Officer at Rockets of Awesome and previously helped lead’s ambitious e-commerce growth.

Seiya Vogt

Seiya Vogt is the VP of Marketing and Growth at Boxed and has built out a strong record of performance across both B2B and B2C growth in the startup world. An expert on acquisition and the overall funnel across both the consumer and business worlds.

Seth Lasser

Seth Lasser specializes in consulting for D2C Health and Wellness startups. He has helped build out the growth and marketing plans for a range of companies in the space including Bungalow, Doctor On Demand, Curology and Keeps. 

Scott Turner

Scott Turner has built up extensive experience leading across e-commerce, retail, strategy and business development. He is currently the Chief Customer Officer at Rockets of Awesome and previously helped lead’s ambitious e-commerce growth.

Avital Caspi

Avital Caspi is the Director of Offline Marketing at Freshly and previously led offline acquisition for Adore Me and Wix. A performance marketer who brings a wealth of experience across offline media strategies from direct mail to podcasts.

Cameron Kinloch

Cameron Kinloch is the CFO and COO for Bulletproof 360. She has led finance for a variety of growing startups and is expert on building finance and operations organizations. She’s managed both mergers and IPOs.

Luke Fernandez

Luke Fernandez is the Head of Growth Marketing at Wikibuy and lead product at Capital One. He uniquely blends his product and growth experience to achieve cross functional insight into scaling up.

Melissa Sova

Melissa Sova is the Director of Marketing at Tie Bar and previously led performance marketing for Glossier. She’s an expert on acquisition across Paid Search and overall growth marketing in the d2c space.

Sabrina Scandar

Sabrina Scandar is the Director of Product across Growth for Better Mortgage. She has strong experience in both the consumer web and B2B worlds as well as a great record building and motivating cross-functional teams.