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About Jetty

Jetty is a VC-backed, post-Series A startup in NYC with $15.5M in total funding that is disrupting a dinosaur. We’re creating the next iconic brand in Property & Casualty insurance* for modern, digital consumers. Jetty is live in 30 states, and we expect to be live nationwide in 2018.


We're looking for a Chief Growth Officer to help us write the next chapter in our company's story. The Chief Growth Officer will sit on the executive team, work closely with the founders and execs, and take ownership of growing Jetty’s revenue and market share.


*Property & Casualty insurance is that corner (well, a $500B corner) of the insurance industry focused on offerings like homeowners/renters insurance, auto insurance and liability insurance. Think GEICO, Progressive, and State Farm. #theMoreYouKnow!

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Our growing team is small, but we recruit with care and have sought to only bring on the absolute best talent for every function we hire for.

Latest exec hire:

Deb Roth

VP-level Communications exec from, Pandora, IAC, and Lending Tree.

Across our organization, you will find leaders with experience from Squarespace, Bain & Co, McKinsey, Pandora,, IAC, Lending Tree, Mic, Spotify, NY Life Insurance,  Beatport, Maple, Poppin, Bonobos, and more.


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Company Stage and Role

The word “Growth” gets thrown around a lot these days. So let us take a moment to explain where we are as a company, and where we’d like this hire to take us.

We’ve been in market for a few months

and, while we’ve already seen significant traction, there are questions around where we should direct our Growth efforts, and quite a few channels that we have not yet touched upon.

We are not in the “spend and scale” stage, but are still learning how consumers find their insurance providers, what research goes into that process, and how Jetty needs to position and distribute our product in order to be firmly in the right place at the right time, always. This requires a skillset in research, customer validation, and customer development.

We have numerous digital campaigns running and business development relationships with major players in the real estate industry that have led to most of our revenue to date.

But where should we look next?

There’s no shortage of low-hanging fruit we have not attempted yet. So we’re looking for this Chief Growth Officer to lead the way in experimenting with new and new-to-us methods to grow awareness, acquisition, retention, and referral.

Channel-Market fit is an important concept for Jetty right now. With a lean Marketing team, our Chief Growth Officer needs to be resourceful in how to test, learn, and grow new channels without a lot of hands on deck. The Growth team will expand over time alongside growing revenue, but we expect to stay lean in the near term.

At this stage in our company, a delegator or General Manager type will not be the right Chief Growth Officer. If your first strategic recommendation is “We need to hire X, Y, Z,” or you’re expecting to rapidly scale a team, this isn’t the right role for you.

Jetty is firmly still a startup.

We’re backed by top-tier investors and partnered with some of the best names in our industry, and have figured some aspects of the current and future of our business out. But many others we are still figuring out. The Chief Growth Officer we hope to hire has been through the startup rollercoaster, understands what comes with it, and relishes the excitement of creating monumental wins that are crucial for Jetty to be successful.


Candidates who have a history of working in already successful businesses undoubtedly have a lot of wisdom, but we’re really looking for someone who has been a Growth leader or a Founder at an early-ish startup, and has the pattern recognition to understand where to and where not to steer the ship.

What’s in it for you?

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We are confident that Jetty is distinctive enough to be an industry leader in an industry that’s full of billion-dollar companies. “Insurance” may not sound like a sexy category, but we can’t help feeling there’s something sexy about taking on a 500-year-old, $500B industry whose products everyone buys, and there’s a massive reward in it for us if we do so successfully.


Growth decisions will sit with you. And you can move as fast as you’d like without hierarchical red tape.

Challenge & Excitement. 

This is not a role where you’ll be taking an existing playbook or formula, and just “managing’ it. This is a role where you’ll get to completely re-think how an insurance offering for the modern digital consumer gets distributed from the ground up. And every win will make a visible difference in the trajectory of the whole company.


If you like knowing that your efforts will make a huge impact and you’re the type of person that likes to experiment and learn, this could be a great role for you.

Great teammates.

You will be working with A-players daily that are more than capable of pushing their own weight, with everyone learning and getting better at our crafts daily.


We also get along and treat each other with incredible respect.

Qualifications we’re looking for

1. Startup-battle-tested.

Figured out complex early-stage problems.

2. Senior-Level Growth-Oriented

    or Founder-Level experience.


Experience in a startup with less than 50 employees and $5M in revenue. Led a Marketing/Growth team with less tha 5 people recently.

3. Has seen success and failure.


Jetty is disruptive at our core. But it isn't a slam dunk (yet), and there isn't a clean roadmap of what works to disrupt an industry with so many entrenched incumbents. This person will see a lot of channels fail, and it will be important to understand what to do in those situations. Push through and keep testing? Scrap them?

4. More Strategist than General Manager.


Can execute still when necessary. Or be scrappy and resourceful with how to get things done without a lot of resources. Not just a delegator that wants to hire a 10-person team.

5. Has launched new Growth channels from scratch, and can think beyond paid media.

You have figured out how to make products work on PPC channels like Paid Social and AdWords. But you can also speak to less scalable efforts like cold email, phone, data acquisition, direct mail, partnerships.

6. Understanding of PMF and CMF.


You have experience at Product-market fit or channel-market-fit stage, not just Growth or Scaling stage. Can you speak to customer validation and research?

7.  More conquistador than diplomat.

Conquering and squeezing success out of your efforts will get you much further than playing politics. You will get enough autonomy to make decisions and run with them.

8. Can speak to how Product, Analytics, and Growth interweave.

You make decisions based on data. You should be highly analytical with what you pursue, and should be able to communicate and prove your decisions to the internal team based on the analytics, research, and plans you put together. Intuition can be helpful, but data is king.​


We have historically hired the best. See “Team” above. Therefore, compensation will be competitive for a top Growth Executive.


If interested and qualified for Jetty’s Chief Growth Officer role, please reach out to


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