Join one of NYC's fast-growing startups on a mission to make perfect, must-have travel bags. Hiring leaders in Growth and Design.
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Chief Growth Officer
Art Director
Growth Marketing Manager
Manhattan, NY


Paravel's early leadership team complements each other perfectly with their experience, specializations, IQ, and EQ. Join the team and work with A-players daily.

Indré Rockefeller - Co-CEO, Co-Founder

BA, Princeton

MBA, Stanford

Indré has been a creative executive for multiple leading fashion startups and established companies. She cut her teeth initially working as an assistant to Anna Wintour, through to more recently being a Creative Director of $200MM luxury e-commerce brand Moda Operandi and US President of Spanish luxury brand Delpozo.

At Paravel, Indré's experience puts her in a great position to lead all creative direction for Paravel's products and brand.

Andy Krantz - Co-CEO, Co-Founder

AB, Harvard

After graduating from Harvard, Andy cut his teeth in Finance at Goldman Sachs performing multiple billion-dollar transactions.  From there, he was able to utilize that experience to lead Finance and Operations for Delpozo, where he met Indré and they together decided to build the next great travel brand.

Within Paravel, Andy is able to complement Indré by leading the Operational and Revenue aspects of the organization.

Stephanie Park - VP of Operations and Finance

BA, Yale

After Yale, Stephanie worked in Banking & Private Equity, moving on to progressively rising positions within fashion and apparel companies like Ann, Inc and Donna Karan, leading to her most recent role as the Sr. Director of Planning and E-Commerce at Flight Club, the #1 sneaker marketplace.

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Paravel has gained significant traction thus far, has an all-star team of founders and A-level early employees experienced in growing lifestyle apparel brands, and announced $3.2M in venture seed funding recently in October 2018. Financially, the company was successful in hitting 7-figure revenues in 2018 and is on track to approach 8-figure revenues in 2019.


As Paravel has been introducing more lines of bags at various price points, they've been able to both activate a wider variety of users at various levels of price sensitivity, while also successfully cross-selling and up-selling additional complementary products as their customer base falls in love with the products they've received.

All new roles within Paravel are out of Growth. Given that Paravel is still a young company with fewer than 20 employees, there are only 2 Glassdoor reviews thus far. But both give their experiences at Paravel a 5/5 and 100% would recommend working at Paravel.

Paravel's office is currently located in Manhattan near Central Park and Lenox Hill.

Who we're hiring, and why these are great roles

Chief Growth Officer


This is currently Paravel's most important hire. Within an organization that is very focused on data-driven decision-making and Growth, the Chief Growth Officer will have ownership from an executive level across every portion of the conversion funnel. This includes Acquisition, Retention, Product-driven Growth, Analytics, and Referral.

The Chief Growth Officer will be tasked with managing a two-person Growth team at the offset, and building and mentoring a fuller Growth team over time. Currently, Paravel utilizes both in-house and external consultants and agencies to fuel its growth engine. The Chief Growth Officer will work with the founders to decide on and allocate the best combination of resources to maintain Growth.

And last but not least, the Chief Growth Officer will be the main team member responsible for company-wide Analytics tracking and supporting the health of the organization's Growth efforts.


How do we grow to a 8 and 9 figure business efficiently? Can you speak from experience on how to do that?

Key to being qualified for the Chief Growth Officer role will be having experience leading Growth for a successful, recognized, and fast-growing B2C startup, preferably a company within the DTC or e-commerce space. Experience owning all parts of the funnel will be ideal, but at the very least you should speak to scaling Paid Acquisition and Conversion Optimization programs, and be extremely proficient with Analytics.

This is firmly not a mid-level role, a brand-oriented Marketing role, or one for someone who cannot speak to deep experience taking a startup beyond, at a minimum, $10s of millions in yearly revenue. Being a leader who has a track record of being well-respected and a great mentor will be important.


While Paravel has resources and impressive growth thus far, you should not simply be an overseer or project manager. Having intimate and technical knowledge of how Facebook ad bidding works, how to calculate LTV, cohorts you'd like to track, how to build dashboards, and how Email Marketing deliverability works will be key to being able to properly give tactical feedback to your growing team and to the founders and company board beyond "Let's just hire someone who knows that". 

Art Director



Design is at the forefront of everything that Paravel does. One of the Co-CEOs has a background as a Creative Director. Paravel makes some of the most stylish travel products available. And the team tirelessly makes sure all customer touch-points including ads, emails, the e-commerce site, social media accounts, and packaging are perfectly representing Paravel's brand.

In order to further Paravel's brand, growth, and marketing objectives, Paravel is hiring an experienced designer to be the company's Art Director. This person's main focus will be on leading the iteration and execution of all customer touchpoints, with a goal of designing toward solutions that convert customers and delight product recipients.

Specific customer touchpoints you'll be designing for include email design, digital advertising design, organic social media content, packaging design, out-of-home campaigns, in addition to working alongside creative partners in producing e-commerce imagery, brand copy, and website design.

This Art Director will have the opportunity to lead all of Paravel's design and has a great path to become the next Creative Director for Paravel and build their own team.


While designing with an impeccable visual style that matches Paravel's aesthetic will be essential for this Art Director, it will be necessary to produce and iterate on designs that drive measurable impact in terms of converting customers. Given that, you should be able to speak to multiple years of experience designing digital advertising including Facebook ads, emails, and website pages for e-commerce and direct-to-consumer brands that are well-respected in their categories.

This Art Director will need to execute and launch their design work. There will be external freelance and agency design support, but this designer will be expected to execute on design work, as they will be the sole full-time in-house designer within the organization, reporting directly into Indré Rockefeller, the company's Co-CEO.

Growth Marketing Manager



As Paravel's revenue and customers grow, the Growth team will be expanding equally with it to manage all of the Acquisition, Engagement, Retention, and Referral channels that continuously grow more nuanced and advanced. With that, Paravel's Growth Marketing Manager will be working on a soon-to-be Growth team of 3 people to achieve quantifiable goals across channels like Facebook advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and potentially other digital Growth-focused efforts.

The Growth Marketing Manager will get to work with experienced leaders across the organization and have access to the Co-Founders, in order to receive consistent mentorship and grow their career.


The ideal candidates for Paravel's Growth Marketing Manager will have 2+ years of experience managing Digital Marketing channels for B2C digital brands. Having strong Excel skills, direct experience launching campaigns, and reporting on results and customer data will be essential.


Ideally, a candidate has experience across a wide range of Digital Marketing channels. But being an expert in a very important Digital Marketing channel like Facebook advertising or email marketing could also make a great candidate, as long as you have a great attitude towards learning more.


Compensation will be competitive for exceptional and experienced hires.


If interested and qualified for Visor’s Head of Marketing role, please reach out to


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