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Help parents be better at doing the most important job on Earth.


Help to lead a mission-driven organization with clear values and great metrics scale their impact to make better parents and happier children.

Parent Lab Backstory. Why parenting?

Jill Li, a mom to two boys, started Parent Lab because with her first son, she had focused so much on raising a physically healthy child, that she hadn’t considered everything else that goes into raising a whole child. Her lack of knowledge coupled with some big changes contributed to her son showing social and emotional issues that she was unprepared for.

After a lot of research, counseling, and many parenting books, she found tools to help both of my kids. These tools worked, and our family’s overall health and happiness improved. But it took a lot of time, money, and patience as we experimented with different methods.

During this time, she met Bo Shao, one of China's most successful entrepreneurs. He was wealthy and successful, but deeply unhappy. After a lot of research and practice in mindfulness and meditation, he also came to the realization that much of his unhappiness was rooted in his own childhood, and that was negatively impacting his relationship with his own kids.

Bo and Jill came from different places, but arrived at the same conclusion: If every parent, regardless of their background, could be equipped with the knowledge they need to raise happier children, then those children would turn into happier adults, and they could continue this positive cycle with their own children.

Product. Beyond books.

When looking for information on how to become a great parent, a lot of the most popular information is either un-trustable or decades old in research-oriented books that are meant more for the classroom than daily action. And none of these options are interactive.

Through a personalized product, up-to-date research and science experts, along with interactive content and ML, Parent Lab can partner with parents along their journey and offer training, content, personalized advice, and current insights that's personalized to everyone's unique journey.

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Parent Lab is a startup with a lot going for it:

  • over 100k registered users

  • has raised over $8M

  • proved out a profitable monetization model

  • $1.30 CAC with a 1:5.6 LTV

  • Good initial press hits for a previous PR trial

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The Opportunity.

a) The current team of Product, Science, and Growth leaders have built great products with loyal users and quality economics. Your job is to distribute and scale the core product's userbase through intelligent branding, messaging/positioning, creatively finding new audiences, deepening existing audiences, experimenting with virality, and overseeing all Marketing/Growth initiatives.

b) While your superpower is branding and distribution, you should be able to balance a mission and core principles that drive your efforts, intentions, and goals. The goal of distribution is to help parents have better tools at their disposal, not just growth at all costs.

c) Be creative. Parents are reachable through popular channels like Paid Social. But they're also reachable through unique channels like school partnerships, PTA groups, local religious institutions.

d) Be a true partner with the CEO analogous to a co-founder, not just playing a functional role. This is why the role is a President and not just a CMO.

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The Parent Lab Team.

Jill Li

Co-founder, CEO

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Scaled billion-dollar product lines for consumer web leaders like Alibaba and Taobao. Is research and insights minded, and built Parent Labs from her personal experiences and convictions.

Bo Shao


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One of China's most successful entrepreneurs, sold Eachnet to eBay early in his career for $225M. Then became one of China's most successful VCs as a Partner at Matrix Partners China, with multiple unicorn portfolio companies.

Zhen Shao

Co-founder, CTO

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Spent 2.5 years as an Engineer at Google and 3+ years at Square before helping to start Parent Lab.

Helen Fang

Head of Growth

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Spent over 5 years scaling the eComm business for before leading the Growth effort for Parent Lab.

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Why This Role.

a) The mission is real, and not just aspirational. You will truly contribute to making happier households, parents, and children.

b) Good people. The team truly walks their walk. The leadership and investment team practice mindfulness, work on inner growth, and focus on being better people everyday. Working with a team who really cares about others will show daily and make you enjoy your job.

c) The metrics, team, funding, and product-market-fit are already in a great place. This isn't a fixer role and there's a solid Head of Growth in place. It's taking the foundation that already exists and scaling and distributing it. With a CAC:LTV of 1:5.6, a multi-million dollar Marketing budget, and a solid team in place, you will have all of the resources to properly scale.

d) Not growth at all costs. The team and investors are dedicated to working on this product for the next two decades. The investors are onboard with building the right way, so you will get to focus on creating real value with customers instead of tricks to artificially boosting monthly numbers to please anxious VCs.

The Ideal Candidate.

Must Haves:

  • You've led Marketing for a marquee startup brand that has attempted to improve the world, and has scaled to reach millions of people.

  • We are mainly looking to speak with CMO-level leaders who can speak to scaling brands that have impacted their category.

  • You are experimental, and can speak to both successes and failures when attempting to build out messaging, positioning, and creative. And utilize those learnings.

  • You were a major driver in elevating the brand of a popular startup, not simply playing a functional role in a startup that already had massive reach.


  • You consider yourself mission-driven, and can speak to an active practice in your life where mindfulness and inner work are present.

  • You have been involved with the fundraising process, and find the process of raising alongside the CEO exciting.

  • Have personal interest in parenting


Compensation will be competitive for an exceptional President.


Parent Lab is is accepting remote applicants across the U.S.


If interested and qualified for this role, please reach out to