Bring Ruckus | Dovetale: How to win at Influencer Marketing

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

We sat down with Mike Schmidt, founder of Dovetale, the go-to platform for any company working with social media creators. We learned about his journey and got his advise on how to approach Influencer Marketing the right way.






3:57 - Mike talks about his journey and why he got started with Dovetale

5:36 - Why aren't publishers indexed properly? Social networks want to control the experience as much as they can

7:49 - "Imagine a future where creators fully can provision their data from one system to the next, like some sort of data wallet or passport that can communicate between different types of appilications"

11:30 - Mike shares where should someone get started with Influencer Marketing

15:02 - What is the metric to measure success in Influencer Marketing?

22:00 - Mike's take on brands that have done Influencer Marketing the right way

25:38 - Mike adds how discipline is one of the most important habits in creative marketing

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