Going from In-House Operator to Starting an Agency

Updated: May 28

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

3:00 – 4:00pm EDT

We get asked by a lot of accomplished in-house operators what it's like to start an agency. As strong talent is now hitting the market, even more folks are considering it.

To help you get some answers, we assembled a panel of five leaders who went from being in-house Marketers at popular companies to building million-dollar agencies, and all have their own unique paths in getting there.



Chief Strategy Officer

Power Digital Marketing



Rocketship HQ


Managing Partner

Oak Digital






Bring Ruckus


9:00-10:07 - Corey speaks about how he started off getting his first first contracts out of the door.

10:25 - Anish gives feedback on the importance of focusing on 1:1 relationships instead of mass outreach.

13:00 - Amit speaks on how he came around the opportunity of starting his agency.

14:48 - Anish highlights a common mistake when offering your services for a first time to potential clients.

16:40 - Rebecca shares how she had a middle step also working in an agency in between consulting and starting her own agency.

19:50 - Corey speaks about being cognizant on scaling. “Don’t seek the solution that will replace yourself”

22:53 - Amit speaks on talent acquisition and advice to focus on one area to develop an infrastructure.

25:06 - Shamanth adds on strategy (templatizing + checklists)

27:30 - Anish warns on over delegating and emphasizes to nurture current relationship with clients as this is the key to getting new business

34:40 - Rebecca speaks on how to manage vendor relationships

39:20 - Rebecca speaks on what’s best handled by a system vs a person

40:00 - Corey adds on tech being more of a tool than replacement for talent

44:00 - Anish shares on an unexpected issue when starting his agency

46:00 - Corey highlights to not work with anyone who is trying to devalue your work for a significant amount, it’s just not worth it

47:26 - Rebecca focuses on getting to know your partner from the procurement process

48:25 - Shamanth shares one of the best pieces of advice he got when dealing with tough clients.

49:20 - Corey explains the jerk tax - This is brilliant!

51:06 - Rebecca acknowledges obligations to clients and partners but also towards her team.

54:15 - Corey speaks on his experience when leaving his full time job and shares red flags on projects you shouldn’t take when starting.

58:00 - Shamanth shares how consultants ideas get heard more.

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