How To Keep your Sales and Marketing Teams in Sync

Updated: Mar 16

We sat down with Kristina Finseth, Growth Marketing Manager at Interseller to talk about her career trajectory which has been *anything* but linear. What she's most excited about is bridging the gap between marketing and sales.

Having been in the shoes of a recruiter in startups, enterprises, and agencies Kristina is genuinely driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the way companies engage with candidates and clients. She's spent a lot of time helping teams learn how to stand out in a sea of outreach with the Outbound FIRE Framework 🔥™.



Growth Marketing Manager



3:06 - Kristina talks about her journey and how being in sales for a full year allowed her to be a better marketer

4:39 "Drive Revenue not MQLs" Kristina speaks on best practices to keep your Marketing and Sales teams aligned.

6:00 - Kristina speaks on how she enjoys being both tactical and strategic and how this is all due to startup life. Outbound FIRE Framework 🔥™ is introduced.

7:50 - Kristina shares how she started with FIRE Framework. 2020 was all about quality conversations

10:20 - Kristina's advice If you're getting pushback from your CEO, it's your job to educate them on to why you think what you're pushing is important.

11:50 - Kristina's resource recommendations: RevGenius, Think Tank

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