Transforming Data into Meaningful Insights

Updated: Mar 16

We sat down with Neerav Vyas, VP - Head of Data, Insights and Analytics at Homer to learn his tips and tricks on how to turn data into tangible strategic insights.



Vice President - Head of Data, Insights, & Analytics



1:10 - Neerav shares how machine learning plays on decision making

2:27 - Neerav speaks on how Homer uses Data to reach growth targets. (Reduce churn, increase retention & more)

6:30 - "If the data isn't driving decisions, tangible strategic insight it's just a fancy algorithm"

8:37 - Neerav adds on how Data Scientists should always enter each project with a high degree of skepticism

8:40 - Advice from Neerav: Take a design ladder human centric approach and try to see how each team would use and adapt to it

13:13- Neerav speaks on the ideal approach should be to design to solve broader business problems (Similar approach to product designers)

14:10- Neerav shares when is best to hire a Data Scientist & how to know what to look for

18:45 - Tip from Neerav : When a fresh hire, take your data scientist through case interview phase to be able to see how they're able to resolve thinking outside the box.

24:44 - Neerav talks about CPRA and how things will change for Growth Marketers in the next 2-3 years due to restrictions

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