Unlocking Product-Driven Growth

Updated: May 28

Thursday, April 30, 2020

2:00 – 3:00pm EDT

To a lot of startups, growth is just ads and emails—tactics that occur outside of a company’s digital products. But your product can also become one of the biggest drivers of acquisition, engagement, and retention if you’re utilizing it in the right way.

In order to dive deeper, we assembled a panel of Product-Driven Growth experts to speak to how you can unlock Growth by using your digital product as a driver.






Director of Product



Product Leader



Bring Ruckus


5:32 - Paul speaks on how he thinks of growth - First, spotting what type of growth Creative Market needed (GMV) and strategizing from there

7:30 - Akshay shares how his growth revolves around customer profitability and how he identified key metrics in his customer journey through a growth audit

8:33 - Sabrina speaks on when to start a growth team in your company and why it’s important to not start it too early.

10:30 - Akshay shares his experience on how he gadged whether something had product market fit to start growing

12:37 - Paul shares how in Creative Market everything that they did was focused around retention

14:27 - Sabrina shares the sorts of metrics you can measure retention

17:10 - Sabrina shares on methods to measure incrementality of growth via product

22:00 - Sabrina shares how you can reframe your focus and goals in pandemic

28:22 - Paul shares on the #1 top product feature at Creative Market

29:45 - Sabrina shares how Skillshare invested in measures and machine learning which grew retention across the board.

31:15 - Akshay shares his favorite product hack and as example shares the experience of a lost dog search company.

35:50 : Anish shares an example on how he realized there wasn’t any product market fit via talking to customers

38:15 - Sabrina shares how core product teams and growth product teams distinguish themselves according to her experience

39:50 - Paul shares experience on different models Creative Market approached growth and product separately

41:50 - Akshay compares growth marketing to plumbing. Everything is connected.

44:40 - Sabrina shares how they vigorously documented not only what but why everything they worked on at Skillshare

46:41 - Akshay shares the biggest retention win and what seemed obvious in retrospective wasn’t at first

49:50 - Paul shares about free goods, Creative Market’s golden feature

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