VC Insights: Spero Ventures

Updated: May 28

Jun 2 2:00 – 3:00pm EDT

Spero Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in the things that make life worth living. They partner with entrepreneurs solving problems in three areas: well-being, work & purpose, and human connection. They invest in technology companies that are driven to deliver value to both shareholders and society, including: Clarity, Mati, Core, Droneseed, Gencove, Roam Robotics and Skillshare. They are high-conviction investors and we help companies scale to billions of customers. Their LP and partners are founders and early execs at eBay and Tesla.

VC Insights with Bring Ruckus is a series of conversations with Venture Capitalists to learn about what they look for in companies to fund, how they spot the best talent and what is their advice for startup founders looking to grow or get funding.




Brand Foundry Ventures



Brand Foundry Ventures



Bring Ruckus


5:34 - Sonny shares opinion on current BLM events

9:16 - Ha comments on her involvement in mentoring underrepresented communities

14:53 - The EIR (Entrepreneur In Residence) process and how it differs from being a VC

23:18 - Sonny shares about his responsibilities as an EIR

24:30 - Ha explains her transitionto becoming a VC

32:09 - Sonny dives deep on what he’s found most challenging about being an EIR

34:34 - Sony shares what skills and attributes are needed to be successful in venture

36:20 - Ha gives her take on skill set needed in order to thrive

39:17 - Is there a typical VC profile? Ha shares her opinion on the typical path

45:28 - Anish asks how would an introvert come into play in a venture?

51:10 - Ha shares on ideal approach when someone looking for funding is introducing themselves

56:36 - Anish shares key takeaways of event

58:40 - Ha shares which industries and types of projects they are looking to invest in

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