VC Insights: Brand Foundry Ventures

Updated: May 28, 2021

Wednesday May 20 2:30 – 3:30pm EDT

Brand Foundry Ventures invests in early stage companies that emerge into the brands you can't live without. Marrying extensive entrepreneurial, manufacturing and operational experience, the Brand Foundry team has been “seed” financing consumer brands since 2009. With a presence in New York City and Austin, the team offers early stage entrepreneurs the insight and support they need to scale their brands into industry leading companies. They partner with entrepreneurs that build long-lasting connections with their consumers, driving consumer trends through elevated customer experiences. Portfolio companies include Allbirds, Birchbox, Bonobos, Harry’s, LOLA, Peloton, The Wing, Warby Parker, and more.

VC Insights with Bring Ruckus is a series of conversations with Venture Capitalists to learn about what they look for in companies to fund, how they spot the best talent and what is their advice for startup founders looking to grow or get funding.




Brand Foundry Ventures



Brand Foundry Ventures



Bring Ruckus


5:52 - Andrew shares on how he shifted from operator to VC

9:00 - Andrew dives on the skills needed to excel in a venture environment

10:00 - Wesley shares how to build a track record for yourself in the venture world

12:30 - Andrew shares how networking and the ability to meet incredible people is the part he loves most of his job

14:12 - Anish shares how learning the inside stories of successful startups and interviewing the smartest talent is what he loves most about his day-to-day

16:12 - Andrew explains how his investing perspectives have shifted from when he first started

20:00 - Andrew shares on how he spots founders with potential. Having exact industry experience isn’t a must

21:07 - Andrew comments on things you SHOULD NOT do in a pitch

22:37 - Wesley suggests a creative way to get a in touch with VCs

25:21 - Andrew shares on how keeping it human is key

26:41 - Andrew gives advice to pre-revenue consumer companies

30:00 - Anish highlights how doing the “science behind the art” in the early stage is smart

33:15 - Andrew and Wesley answers: “Which KPIs are indicators for future success?”

40:58 - Andrew shares on how COVID impact the current DTC landscape

48:30 - Andrew comments on what is the best way to meet companies/founders to invest in

58:40 - Andrew shares on best ways to show value as an agency to work with them

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