VC Insights: Portage Ventures

Updated: May 28

Sept 23, 2:00-3:00 pm EDT

This week we sat down with Jonathan and Brendan who work on the platform team at Portage Ventures, a fin-tech focused venture capital firm. We learned what it's like to transition from heading up marketing & sales at an operating company to advising portfolio companies within a venture capital firm.


6:25 - Jonathan shares how he transitioned from an operating role to VC.

7:30 - Jonathan & Brendan share what is the biggest difference in an operator role vs operating in a company

13:17 - Brendan & Jonathan speak on how success is measured in their roles

19:11 - Brendan adds how they like to partner with their investments, Portage is not only a capital firm. They are looking to build a longer term relationship.

22:52 - Jonathan explains what their tasks as Chief Growth Officer and VP Sales are

29:55 - Brendan shares which skills were learned once entering the VC space

39:00 - Brendan shares how operator skills provide you with a fair advantage once entering VC world.

47:19 - Jonathan tells us what he misses from being an operator and what he's gained being a VC.



Chief Growth Officer

Portage Ventures


VP Sales

Portage Ventures

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