World’s Best Boss: Jascha Kaykas Wolff

Updated: May 28

Wednesday May 12 2:00 – 3:00pm EDT

Jascha's coaching philosophy drives high‐performing teams with an emphasis toward valuing team success above individual achievement, developing inclusive work practices, and building ‘T’ shaped professional skills.

World's Best Boss with Bring Ruckus is a series of conversations with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders that explore how the best bosses attract fantastic people, build up their teams, and keep their employees happy.







Bring Ruckus


6:45 - Jascha explains how he became CMO of various popular companies and the mindsets that helped him get there

9:56 - Jascha compares his current role to past one at Mozilla as CMO

13:31 - Anish shares advice for interview process that lights CEOs’ eyes up

15:05 - Jascha comments on the biggest risks he’s taken along his career

18:40 - Jascha shares why understanding what your team defines as success is so important

20:20 - Jascha speaks about the true role of a manager in any organization

25:07- Jascha shares how you can create a system to create an opportunity for your employees to be successful

26:26 - Jascha advises on how to onboard new team members and how to get them up to speed in the company’s culture

28:20 - Jasha’s former Microsoft manager questioned him and shared the heart, tree, and star system - system used for career development

38:28 - Jascha’s anecdote about how he didn’t get a role he wanted and how it had nothing to do with his qualifications

49:19 - Jascha encourages leaders to create scenario planning into their cultures moving forward

52:33 - Jascha focuses on online mentorship and how to approach this new virtual reality

56:00 - Jascha replies on “What makes a good marketing leader and which attributes you appreciate in leaders around you?”

1:07- Jascha dives into his current role as Lytics president

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