How To Be A Key Link Between Cross-Functional Teams

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

We sat down with Stara Gipson, Senior Account Manager for Apps Vertical: Gaming at Google to learn about her journey and best practices to be a key liaison between cross-functional teams.



Senior Account Manager | Apps Vertical : Gaming



0:35 - We learn how Stara started her career and what made her switch to tech.

3:46 - Stara tells us about her mentoring experiences and how this has enriched not only others but herself.

5:15 - Stara shares how her experience of having a mix of different sized companies has helped when becoming a link between cross-functional teams.

6:05 - Stara emphasizes on the importance of keeping that knowledge on how other teams are prioritizing to make sure that initiatives are done across the board.

6:50 - Stara shares how technical understanding is important, to have some level of insight in order to create effective project planning.

8:29 - Stara shares her best practices when syncing with other teams. Communicating early, transparently and often across functions is really key to getting projects completed successfully.

10:33 - Stara shares which are her go to resources to keep updated with industry news.

11:30 - Stara advices to find a mentor, regardless of the stage you're in. It will help you grow your network and continue learning. Always be a student everyone has someone to learn, this industry is changing daily. Lean into it and bring it to the table wherever you are.

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