How to Grow Impact Driven Startups

We sat down with Linda Vermaat, Director of Innofest, a team dedicated to help impact driven startups test their prototypes at festivals. Due to COVID and festivals coming to a halt they've developed online methods to help startups kickstart their growth. Linda shares her vision, best practices learned along her journey and powerful advice.

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- Documentary Fix the World and Make Money:

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0:07 - Innofest gets introduced. Linda tells us about the documentary she travelled the world around for : Fix the World and Make Money.

2:11 - Linda shares her experience co-creating Professional Rebel, how she felt inclined to impact driven startups and how that led her to her position in Innofest.

3:49 - Linda defines an impact driven startup, and what these startups business model should include.

4:44 - What is crucial for an impact driven startup to succeed is discussed

7:45 - Linda shares how Innofest can help impact driven startups kickstart their growth

8:44 - Networking is also something that Innofest helps provide at these human lab experiences.

9:54 - Linda tells us what makes the ideal testing environment

11:40 - Linda shares on the selection method of the startups they work with

12:58 - Linda tells us how online testing was a new development due to Covid

15:11 - Linda shares her expansion desires and shares where Innofest is present

16:20 - Where Linda gets her industry news from is shared





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