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| San Francisco, CA
Rare opportunity to lead Customer Retention
for a pioneer of the sharing economy that has helped millions of people. 


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If you live in the Bay Area, you need no introduction to Taskrabbit. You've likely used them to help you move, repair, lift, or otherwise save you time and effort. They defined and created their own category and are still the leader in their space.

You might also know that Taskrabbit was acquired by IKEA in Sept. 2017.


Since the IKEA acquisition, Taskrabbit has had no intention of slowing down growth in either the business, headcount, or innovation. As a matter of fact, the IKEA acquisition has catapulted Growth in all areas.


See a few recent quotes from Taskrabbit's CEO in a June 2018 article to the right.

Additionally, Taskrabbit has been launching international to grow business through Canada and the UK, and has multiple more markets in the works.. 

Since Ikea bought us, we’ve positioned the company to scale,” said CEO Stacy Brown-Philpot in an interview, pointing to a doubling of headcount since the October acquisition. “Our goal is to grow TaskRabbit into a very large business." 

"Ikea kept TaskRabbit as an independent entity based in San Francisco, with its own governance structure, board and financial books. It had 65 employees when Ikea bought it and now has 137, with 90 in San Francisco and the others in offices in New York, London and one soon to open in Austin, Texas."

Team highlights

Taskrabbit has one of the strongest CEOs in technology, Stacy Brown-Philpot. She brings a laser focus on scaling the business while creating a great culture, and a 99% approval rating on Glassdoor.

Taskrabbit's Head of Customer Retention will report into Helen Chang. She is Taskrabbit's VP of Growth and has deep history within both Acquisition and Retention. Given that she was the Head of Retention for Hipmunk previously, she will be able to collaborate with deep domain knowledge.

Company Stage and Role

Be a startup operator, with the financial backing and resources of a $50B giant. 

1.5 million users

140,000 taskers

45 cities

3 countries

Taskrabbit has been around for a decade and has significant traction. It has built a household name across many of the major metropolitan cities that it serves and is firmly in the stage of scaling..

But there is much further to go. Retention will be the lifeblood of keeping Taskrabbit functioning as a successful business that is capable of delighting customers repeatedly. Our Head of Retention will be crucial in offering reasons for our 1.5M+ users to repeatedly utilize our services, in both highly active cities and new ones, while becoming advocates amongst their circles. 

Email Marketing

Push notifications



You will own the strategy for these Marketing channels from front to back, with the main goal being to increase activation, frequency, and LTV.


To move the needle, you'll be mapping out intelligent automations, customer segmentation, and personalized campaigns, while also spearheading promotions, seasonality, and discounting strategies.

You will also build an email acquisition plan to grow our email list and maintain optimal engagement metrics.

Additionally, you'll  optimize the referral program.


Operational Management

Data Analysis


You will be owning a retention-dedicated team, and it will be your responsibility to make sure each team member is growing in their roles and contributing as effectively as possible to the shared goals that you will be laying out.

Communicating plans, KPIs, and forecasts effectively across the entire organization will be fundamental in attaining alignment, collaboration, and getting the resources needed to optimize performance.

You'll need to always be testing across campaigns. Analytical rigor will be key.

What’s in it for you?

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TaskRabbit is providing opportunities for people around the world to earn a living by connecting with others in their community.


We are working to generate change and we are committed to playing a role in increasing underrepresented populations in technology.

Challenge & Freedom

We don't expect you to operate out of a playbook. Challenge yourself by testing out new ideas and moving fast into new territory with Taskrabbit and IKEA's resources to help you along the way.

Take risks, grand challenges, and ownership.

Great teammates

You will be working with A-players daily that are more than capable of pushing their own weight, with everyone learning and getting better at our crafts daily.


We also get along and treat each other with incredible respect.

Qualifications we’re looking for

Senior-Level Marketing experience


Experience owning a significant chunk of responsibility will be crucial to having enough muscle memory as we move forward quickly.

The amount of years you've spent are less important than the experiences and learnings you can speak to. We need to know that you can take initiative and drive results, and that you have a track record of doing so.

Deep domain knowledge



Email Marketing is our top Retention Marketing channel. At the very least, you should have extremely deep experience leading Email Marketing programs for well-respected B2C companies with large lists and advanced programs.


You should be able to speak to steering an Email Marketing program strategically, but also understanding deeper concepts like deliverability.

Marketplace or sharing economy experience would be a big plus. 

Team management experience


You will inherit a solid Marketing team to help hit aggressive goals and experiment into new areas. And may be growing your team over time.


You should be able to walk into this role speaking to experience of how you've grown and nurtured teams that were direct reports to you, and how you made your teams as successful as possible.



While creative skills are great, being highly quantitative will be absolutely essential. Slicing and dicing LTV models, cohorts, purchase history, and general customer activity metrics will help you diagnose the most pressing issues and focus on the biggest potential wins.

Skill with SQL isn't necessary, but a big plus.



Compensation and incentives will be competitive for a Retention Marketing Leader.

If interested and qualified for Visor’s Head of Marketing role, please reach out to anish@bringruckus.com.


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