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Head of Growth | Remote

Tenet is using technology and data to build the all-in-one climate finance platform so that good financial decisions and a sustainable lifestyle are no longer mutually exclusive.


Meet Tenet. 

Tenet is a next-generation lender for electric vehicles founded so that consumers can achieve their financial and sustainability goals. Tenet's flagship product is an EV loan that is more affordable and sustainable than traditional options due to Tenet's differentiated view of collateral, EV-only brand affinity and ESG cost of capital.


Tenet's vision is that, by starting with EV's, it can offer its users an integrated suite of financial products and thereby become the all-in-one financial platform for a sustainable lifestyle.  

Leadership at Tenet

Tenet was founded by successful serial entrepreneurs and industry executives with deep experience at the intersection of finance, technology, and energy. The team previously founded one of the pioneering renewable energy computing companies, worked at leading firms Vista Equity Partners and McKinsey, and participated in the Thiel Fellowship. 


Alex Liegl

Co-Founder & CEO


Andreas Wallendal

Co-Founder & COO


Paul Sebexen

Co-Founder & CTO


Market Opportunity. 

Auto loans are the third-largest source of consumer debt in the US, just behind mortgages and student loans. With $1.4T in outstanding loans and $672B in annual new originations, the auto loan market has grown over 80% in the past 10 years. 

Currently, EVs account for 6% of annual auto loan originations and are expected to reach up to 50% by 2030. By providing a trusted financial brand with high affinity as an EV-only lender, Tenet can empower its users to reach their sustainability goals by offering them an adjacent, integrated suite of sustainable lifestyle and financial products that ranges from EV-native F&I to sustainable home improvement loans to principles-aligned investing. With Tenet, users can have their entire sustainable finance lifestyle at their fingertips.

The Opportunity.

Tenet is looking for an experienced Head of Growth to develop and lead the company's marketing and acquisition strategy in this exciting period of growth. As Head of Growth, you'll own and stratify different parts of the business, leveraging your marketing expertise with a quantitative eye.  The main goals in this role will be to build the 0 to 1 of Tenet’s growth strategy -- infrastructure, team, processes - and to scale 1 to 100 -- lead and scale their line of business; act as synthesizer across the company’s different stakeholders to drive top-line growth. 


As Head of Growth you will...

  • ​Research and build a roadmap of initial Growth and Channel experiments

  • Oversee full-funnel growth from customer acquisition to conversion to retention

  • Manage internal and external Growth-focused resources. Including hiring a small early team and managing external agencies and consultants.

  • Strategize and launch the company's products broadly. This includes initial company launch as well future cross-sell products.

  • Go beyond just paid ads, and learn how to build a community of EV and ESG enthusiasts

  • Be the voice for Growth and advocate and educated internal teams on the value of Growth investments, experiments, and vision.

  • Drive, educate, and convert high AOV customers within a good CAC

In this role we value. 

  • Experience and track record of success in Growth scaling a high consideration consumer product with a high AOV.

  •  Comfort level in an early-stage startup. It's still early for Tenet, and this role will build some foundational elements.

  • Ideally, some interest in environmental sustainability. Being motivated and excited by the space and opportunity will make the job more fun for you.



Compensation will be competitive for an exceptional candidate.


If interested and qualified for this role, please reach out to anish@bringruckus.com