Rare opportunity for a Product-minded mobile leader to steer the business and growth of a platform democratizing web design for everybody.
Chief Growth Officer
(HQ in Brooklyn)
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About Universe

While every other funded startup in NYC is looking left with the same solutions (DTC, FinTech, Luxury), Universe is a rare NYC-based platform startup built by mission-driven designers and developers.

Graduating from YC and raising $7.2M to date from tier 1 VCs like Javelin, Greylock, and General Catalyst, Universe has built a fast-growing mobile-native site builder that allows anybody, with or without design skills, to express themselves creatively and professionally from their phones.

While only being in the App Store for a year, Universe creators have already made over 175,000 websites from their phone.

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Product Differentiation

Most site builders focus on templates to make the process quick and easy for their users. But that also leads to most sites looking the same and not allowing their users to utilize the limits of their creativity.

Universe uses a grid editor (think 3x5 blocks) allowing users to place images, text, video, and buttons within a variety of locations quickly on their phones, while still keeping the design complexity low and making sure the resulting sites look cohesive.

As mobile-first content creation and digestion are now the norms in most areas of content, Universe believes that site creation can also benefit from being mobile-first.

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Universe was founded by serial entrepreneur and designer, Joseph Cohen. Joseph has consistently looked at the options in front of him, and decided to one up them.

As a student at Penn, Joseph was frustrated with outdated products that students were forced to use. He proceeded to build a digital classroom product, put together a team of cofounders, raise $6mm in venture financing, grow the user base to over 150,000 in more than 600 schools, and eventually sold to Noodle - the Princeton Review founder's startup - in March 2013.

From there forward, Joseph spent the next 3 years envisioning and prototyping what would eventually become Universe from the desire to turn phones into even greater creative devices.

The team has now expanded to 6 geographically dispersed team members, and is growing quickly.

Why this is special, where we are, and our ideal hire

The opportunity to work with a platform-focused product with viral reach and a successful serial entrepreneur is a huge opportunity. This is a Growth role that is beyond just paid media. It's truly full-funnel. 

Early, but with traction

Universe is still an early-stage Series A startup. But with that, the product has seen traction and viral Growth.

The team of engineers and designers have done a great job of building an early product, releasing it, learning what works best for people, and iterating from there. But they need a true data-driven Growth Leader internally to make sure they're testing, iterating, and growing.

As the company's Growth leader, you get the opportunity to step into the company at a stage when the product is at a great place, and you need to add more fuel to the fire. Feel like a startup founder without the first few years struggling to cobble together a product and find product-market-fit.

Startup experience will be key

The first key to a successful hire will be an ability to operate within the uncertainty and cap on resources that are innate in all startups. You should be able to point to experience where you led Business, Growth, and  Product Management decisions while part of a small team and demonstrated success.

At this stage, a delegator will not be the right fit for the Chief Growth Officer. If your first strategic recommendation is “We need to hire a big team”, this isn’t the right role for you. Your wrists should be touching the table.

With so many different areas to optimize and test, having muscle memory of how to move fast, prioritize, and focus on results will make you a star.

Mobile-first and Product first

Universe's entire product and stack is currently mobile-first and mobile-focused, and that represents the foreseeable future of the product. Therefore, it is really important for the Chief Growth Officer to have strong mobile app experience. Ideally, across both Android and iOS.

If you have been on an early mobile product team with a product focused on engaging and delighting core users, and helped to take that product to successful scale and iterative growth, you would be an amazing hire.

What you'll do

Lead with Product

  1. Iterative and analytical funnel tuning of the core product

  2. Determine when and how to pull various levers to hit business objectives

Own the Growth of the business

  1. Acquisition

  2. Engagement

  3. Subscription/Monetization

  4. A/B Testing

  5. Retention

  6. Referral

Steer Acquisition Decisions

  1. While it will take some paid media to hit objectives, by no means should you be a one-trick pony with buying ads

  2. It will be much more important to be a Product leader than an ad-buying leader

  3. That being said, experience with organic and paid acquisition will be great.

Collaborate with design & engineering

  1. Resource allocation

  2. Sprint planning

  3. Complex problem-solving

  4. Development workflow processes from idea creation to deliver to analysis

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Base Qualifications

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  • You have led Growth and Product decisions for a fast-growing consumer mobile-first company, ideally helping to grow subscriptions, conversions, and/or monetization.

  • Highly quantitative - you make decisions based on testing and rigorous data analysis, and can present data-driven assumptions and learning

  • You have taken a mobile product to millions of users and ideally millions of dollars in revenue

  • Overseen organic and paid acquisition programs, with an eye towards high-quality retained users


Nice to have:

  • A designer’s eye

  • Founder or first 10 employees experience



Compensation will be competitive for an exceptional Chief Growth Officer, with both base and equity.

If interested and qualified for Visor’s Head of Marketing role, please reach out to anish@bringruckus.com.


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