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We are modernizing taxes.
Tax software and services haven’t evolved in over a decade. Drive that evolution by leading Marketing for the most forward-thinking product to come into the space.



Today’s tax industry is broken. Taxpayers either spend too many hours dealing with DIY solutions like TurboTax or spend too much money with expensive CPAs during just tax season.

Neither solution actually advises taxpayers on decisions during the year. As a result, people are missing out on savings and are not getting the support they need:

What if you need help or have financial questions in the middle of the year?


What if you bought crypto, exercised stock options, or wanted advice on dealing with student loans?

Visor: a CFO in your pocket

With the help of tax advisors and intelligent technology, we create a financial strategy that optimizes your assets and income. Our tool harnesses machine learning to pinpoint exact deductions, giving our advisors a data-driven understanding that maximizes your savings.


We believe that everyone should have access to a personal CFO who can help and advise with every financial decision.


Visor is democratizing financial and tax advice and is bringing these services to the masses so that . 

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Our growing team has 50 employees across San Francisco, and Atlanta. We believe in the power of people and intelligent technology — and how we can transform the world together.

Select team members:

Edward Chung - COO

Spent 4 years at Square, growing in responsibility from Risk, PM, Biz Ops, until leading their Treasury team. 

Daniel Davis - Director of Mobile

Mobile development at Apple, Path, and Chime before co-founding a mobile news app.

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"Our goal is to ensure everyone has access to the same tools and services that historically have been available only to the few who could afford it."



Donny Smith - Head of Design

Former Design Director at Dollar Shave Club prior to them being acquired for $1B.

Across our organization, you will find leaders with experience from Apple, Square, Esurance, Dollar Shave Club, EY, Zenefits, Goldman Sachs, and numerous startups and investment funds.

Company Stage and Role

Startup Marketers wear many hats. And this role will be no different.

We have traction

as our products and services have helped clients get >$20M in tax refunds, even if we call ourselves a startup.


But we have much further to go. In order to get there, we need to make sure customers trust us with one of their most personal and worrisome items - their finances. Your job as our Head of Marketing will be to make customers and prospects trust their interactions with Visor at every touchpoint - including the product itself, our website, content, and all Marketing materials.

If our customers run into any trust hurdles or confusion, you will be the champion of figuring out how to get clarity on the customer problems and put a plan forth on how to eliminate issues.

While overseeing Acquisition and Growth, you

will have access to design / engineering and operational resources to test out new ideas, experiences and hypotheses.

But your role will need to think how to intelligently utilize resources and budgets available. We are not in the spend and scale phase, but are still looking to drive learnings, such as:

1) What features do our target clients care most about when it comes to their taxes and finances?

2) How are we going to tell our story to create a powerful consumer brand that people trust?

3) How should we message, appeal, and convert to a variety of audience segments?

4) What's our GTM for upcoming features and product launches?

You're experienced and innate

with understanding where the company's Marketing needs to go to be successful, resonate with the right audiences, and drive the business forwards.

This is not your first rodeo. You've done this before, preferably with a popular fintech product that has reached millions of people and is trusted by users across the country.

Because of your experience and ability to clearly communicate your vision, you will be able to recruit and manage Marketers who look up to you as a mentor and will want to continue working with you for a long period of time.

What’s in it for you?




We are confident that Visor is distinctive and forward-thinking enough to compete with the few billion-dollar companies in this space and gain considerable market share. “Tax” may not sound like a sexy category, but we can’t help feeling there’s something sexy about taking on a dinosaur, and there’s a massive reward in it for us if we do so successfully.

Challenge & Freedom. 

We don't expect you to operate out of a playbook. Challenge yourself by testing out new ideas and moving fast into new territory without a bureaucratic organization to hold you back.

Take risks, tow the line, and be in charge of these decisions.

Great teammates.

You will be working with A-players daily that are more than capable of pushing their own weight, with everyone learning and getting better at our crafts daily.


We also get along and treat each other with incredible respect.

Qualifications we’re looking for

1. Senior-Level

Marketing experience.


Experience owning a significant chunk of responsibility will be crucial to having enough muscle memory as we move forward quickly.

The amount of years you've spent are less important than the experiences and learnings you can speak to.

2. Has seen success and failure.


Visor is disruptive at our core. But it isn't a slam dunk (yet), and we have a lot to learn in order to disrupt an industry with entrenched incumbents. This person will see a lot of channels fail, and it will be important to understand what to do in those situations. Push through and keep testing? Scrap them?

3. Can speak to how Traditional Marketing and Growth interweave.

You make decisions based on data. You should be highly analytical with what you pursue, but your will also be defining a brand where all of the data is not present. You should understand how to move without standing still to wait for the perfect data and analysis to arrive.

4.  More conquistador than diplomat.

Conquering and squeezing success out of your efforts will get you much further than playing politics. You will get enough autonomy to make decisions and run with them.


We have historically hired A-players. See “Team” above. Therefore, compensation and equity will be competitive for a startup Marketing Leader.


If interested and qualified for Visor’s Head of Marketing role, please reach out to anish@bringruckus.com.


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