Press play on heading Product Management for one of Los Angeles' next great startup stories with experienced, successful, and still hungry tech serial entrepreneurs. 
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Head of Product  
Hollywood, CA

Vody has a founding team and group of advisors that are some of the most successful founders and entrepreneurs within Los Angeles ' startup scene.

Vody's founding team previously built Stylehaul, which is an online creator community specializing in fashion and beauty. They built a community of over 100,000+ content creators garnering over 1.3 billion views per month. They had more than just a community and eyeballs though.  Stylehaul put a heavy focus on the Product and underlying data and technology, which ended up being a major differentiator vs. other digital content communities and platforms. This led Stylehaul to be acquired for over $200 million.

Beyond the in-house founding team at Vody, the organization has made sure to bring in advisors with specific expertise.

  • Former Chairman at Hulu - digital entertainment

  • Former VP of Acquisition at Rovio - driving leads on mobile

  • Former Growth Lead at Soundcloud - driving retenton on mobile

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Vody: Track Your Shows. Discover New TV & Movies


Vody is an early-stage startup that allows users to track & discover content across all of their different content streams (including Netflix, HBOGO, Showtime, and many others). Vody's major differentiator is allowing you to discover and track content across multiple entertainment platforms. 

When on Netflix, you can only search and discover Netflix content. Not all entertainment available to you across all platforms that you enjoy watching.

Usefulness and engagement for users is high because of the seamless user experience in terms of content surfing, as well as allowing our recommendation engine to have full access to a wide range of data sources to recommend our users content, regardless of the streaming service it is on.

Why this is special, where we are, and our ideal hire

The opportunity to work with founders who very recently grew a startup to a nine-figure acquisition as their first Head of Product at a seed stage level is rare. To have access to that kind of opportunity in LA, and not SF, is even more rare.

Early, but with traction

Vody is still an early-stage seed-funded startup. 


But with that, Vody has a product in market that is seeing traction within emerging markets. The Vody app is currently #4 in entertainment in the Google Play Store in Singapore.

The team of engineers and designers internally at Vody have done a great job of building an early product, releasing it, and iterating from there. But they need a true Product Leader internally to make sure they're building the right features and growing market share.

Early-stage startup experience will be key

The first key to a successful hire will be an ability to operate within the uncertainty and cap on resources that are innate in all startups. You should be able to point to experience when you were the only Product Manager or part of a very small team, and how you contributed to Product Management success in that environment.

At this stage in Vody, a delegator will not be the right fit for Head of Product. If your first strategic recommendation is “We need to hire a big team”, this isn’t the right role for you. Your wrists should be touching the table.


Vody's entire product and stack is currently mobile-first and mobile-focused, and that represents the foreseeable future of the product. Therefore, it is really important for the Head of Product to have strong mobile app experience. Ideally, across both Android and iOS.

If you have been on an early mobile product team and helped to take that organization to successful scale, you would be an amazing hire.

What you'll do

Balance the three worlds of Product Strategy

  1. Iterative and analytical funnel tuning

  2. New feature development, and next-generation invention

  3. Determine when and how to pull these levers based business objectives

Define the consumer product vision

  1. Work with cross functional teams to deliver a new consumer app experience

  2. Leverage existing and new insights to build something radically different

  3. Test, learn, and evolve ideas core to the company’s founding principles

Build up the practice of product management

  1. Customer research

  2. Target audience

  3. Value proposition

  4. Product positioning

  5. Go-to-market competencies

  6. Present product vision and roadmap to the Board and partners

Collaborate with engineering

  1. Resource allocation

  2. Sprint planning

  3. Complex problem-solving

  4. Development workflow processes from idea creation to deliver to analysis


Base Qualifications

  • 5+ years product management experience, with most of your recent experience at a startup with a mobile app

  • Shipped several large-scale mobile apps with a team of designers and developers

  • Enjoys building, growing, and leading teams.

  • Experience in Segment, Amplitude & Braze, or comparable mobile-focused software

  • Capable UX skills

  • Super happy digging into data, both quantitative and qualitative.

  • Bachelor’s Degree


Nice to have:

  • A designer’s eye

  • Technical experience



Compensation will be competitive for an exceptional Head of Product.

If interested and qualified for Visor’s Head of Marketing role, please reach out to


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